Advisory Board

Curtis Weller portrait
Curtis Weller, Ph.D. P.E. (Chairman of the Board)

Dr. Weller is the head of the Department of Food Science and Technology and the director of The Food Processing Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Much of Dr. Weller’s research has focused on food and bio-products engineering with particular attention to value added processing of agricultural commodities and determining physical properties. He directs the Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) that supports manufacturing operations through support from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)..

Steve Taylor portrait
Steve Taylor, Ph.D.

Dr. Taylor is Co-Director for the Food Allergen Research and Resource Program (FARRP) and a professor with the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research involves food allergens and allergy-like illnesses including the development, evaluation, and improvement of immunochemical methods for detecting allergens and allergenic foods, risk assessment approaches for allergenic foods, determining threshold doses and the effect of food processing on food allergens.

Michael Willer portrait
Michael W. Willer, Ph.D.

Mike Willer is Vice President RD&E, Ecolab Food & Beverage North America. He has over 14 years of experience in automation and sensors in the field of industrial water treatment (cooling water, boilers, waste water). Since 2014, Dr. Willer has led a product development team focused on new cleaning and sanitizing solutions for the food industry. Ecolab’s specific aim is to develop integrated solutions comprised of innovative chemistry, equipment, service, and data visualization that address unsolved problems in the food and beverage industry.

Joe Stout portrait
Joe Stout, RS

Joe Stout is the founder and President of Commercial Food Sanitation, LLC for the past 6 years. Joe spent 29 years at Kraft foods in the roles of Global Director Sanitation, Hygienic Design and Product protection.

Ed Bradley portrait
Ed Bradley

As Vice President Food Safety at Neogen Corporation. Ed oversees the development, manufacturing, strategic marketing, tactical sales and distribution of Neogen’s comprehensive line of food safety products, including rapid tests for foodborne pathogens, mycotoxins, spoilage organisms, drug residues, general sanitation and food allergens. He has 22 years of experience with Neogen and is currently a member of FARRP’s Board of Directors. His degrees are from The University of Tennessee. Founded in 1982, Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) has grown to more than 1,400 employees in multiple U.S. and international locations, and a worldwide presence.

Theodore Lioustas portrait
Theodore Lioutas, Ph.D.

Theo Lioutas is a research professors in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Prior to joining the University, Dr. Lioutas was the Chief Science and Technology officer and member of the senior leadership team at McCain Foods Limited. Dr. Lioutas was also in many leadership roles at Brown-Forman, General Mills built his career at Campbell Soup, Kraft Foods, Jacobs-Suchard, Tropicana/Pepsico. Dr. Lioutas is engaged in developing the concepts and strategic formation of the Transformative Food Manufacturing Institute at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Steve Hermansky portrait
Steve Hermansky Pharm. D., Ph.D., DABT

Steve is Vice President and Chief Food Safety and Quality Officer, ConAgra Foods, Inc.

Rich Yacovoni portrait
Rich Yacovoni

Rich Yacovoni is Senior Director, Global Quality at Kellogg Company. He has 29 years of Consumer Goods experience in multiple food facilities across the globe. His key areas of expertise are in driving quality, food safety and sanitation standardization and systems globally through his extensive knowledge and application of work systems in food manufacturing environments.

Angela Anandappa portrait
Angela Anandappa Ph.D.

Angela Anandappa is Director of the Alliance for Advanced Sanitation. She started as Founding Director for the Alliance in 2016 prior to which she was responsible for Supply Chain Food Safety at the KraftHeinz Company. Dr. Anandappa has previously assisted numerous food companies in developing and launching new and innovative products, conducting scientific and market evaluation studies to assist businesses.

Technical Advisory Committee

Richard Brouillette portrait
Richard Brouillette

Richard began his career in industrial microbiology with a large food processor in Canada and has moved into corporate sanitation and quality roles where he has been responsible for developing programs, procedures and training for corporations, co-manufacturers and suppliers. He has been with Kraft Foods leading the microbiology team supporting the Meat, Dairy, Pizza, and Grocery products. Thereafter while at Mondelez International, he headed an international team of 12 microbiologists and is an expert in risk assessment, and developing and coordinating global microbiology activities. At Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS) Richard helps clients improve their sanitation programs, allergen controls and other food safety activities and provides a training course on Sanitation Controls and Hygienic Design.

Rick Gonzalez portrait
Rick Gonzalez Ph.D.

Rick is a Senior Director at ConAgra food. His knowledge, experience and expertise is in interfacial chemistry (solid/liquid and liquid/liquid). He has 26 years of experience in consumer-packaged goods R&D related activities and has extensive experience in the technical support of process engineering and sanitation design and improvement.

Oriana Leishman portrait
Oriana Leishman Ph.D., MPH

Dr. Leishman is the Food and Beverage Program Leader for Food and Protein at Ecolab. She has application and development experience in a wide variety of cleaning and sanitizing programs including the application of antimicrobial chemistries and processes relevant to food processing.

Jaime Vaca portrait
Jaime Vaca

Jaime is the Global Manager of Sanitation at the Hershey Company. He is a hands-on, bilingual (English/Spanish) Engineer with more than 12 years of hygienic design, pathogen remediation and sanitation management experience in USDA and FDA regulated, low moisture and micro sensitive food manufacturing environments.

Jayne Stratton portrait
Jayne Stratton Ph.D.

Dr. Stratton is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and manager of The Food Processing Center’s Laboratory Services. She specializes in research with foodborne pathogens such as, Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, and Listeria monocytogenes, and Campylobacter. She also is the Director of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Better Process Control School, the Food Microbiology Short Course, and has received certification in HACCP. In addition, she has been trained as a lead instructor for the FSPCA curriculum Preventive Controls for Human Foods, and Preventive Controls for Animal Foods.

Steven P. Swanson portrait
Steven P. Swanson

Steve is a Research Specialist at 3M’s Corporate Research Materials Laboratory. He has 7 years of environmental hygiene research and development experience with a focus on microbial control and detection. Steve’s core expertise is in development of microbiological test methods and bio-interface science.

Sally Crowley

Sally is the Global Microbiologist, Director, Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory at Cargill.

Doug McQueen

Doug is a Senior Food Safety Scientist at the Kellogg Company.